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My family and I dined at Pacificana Chinese Restaurant, located in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. My relatives and I usually attend this restaurant every year and I think their food is overrated. The setting is nice- very lavish inside and a pleasant environment. The food looks great but tastes average. The lamb was overcooked, bok choy was bland, and the chicken was too salty. My favorite dish would have to be the lobster. I wouldn’t come here unless I was forced to. Maybe they’re most known for their dim sum which I have yet to try.

813 55th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11230
(718) 871-2880 ‎

Cindy and I went to MukEunJi which is a Korean restaurant on Broad Avenue at Palisades Park, NJ. I have eaten there before with my parents and thought it was one of the better Korean food places among the multitudes of other Korean restaurants. We ordered the Dakdoritang which is a spicy chicken soup with potatoes, kimchi, and other various vegetables. The broth was very thick and was very enriching and fulfilling. The chicken was also cooked to perfection.

As complimentary side dishes my favorite was the mussels in broth and the ddukboki. Ddukboki is a spicy rice cake dish with fish cake cooked in a pepper paste sauce. The prices were good and so was the food.

127 Broad Street
Palisades Park, NJ 07650

I met up with one of my sorority sisters and we both had lunch together at Kum Gang San restaurant located in K-town, Manhattan. The restaurant had two floors and it was very immense inside. The decor was also nice. How about the food? I think it was pretty average for Korean food…nothing special. It still filled me up though.

I ordered the gop dol bibimbop, which came in a hot stone pot. There was also another option on the menu if you want it served cold. My dish also came with a small bowl of miso soup. The bibimbop came with the usual marinated beef, sauteed vegetables with seaweed, and a nice egg on top. I thought it was kind of dull…the flavors just didn’t pop in my mouth. Unfortunately, it was quite disappointing. My sister ordered a dumpling soup. The banchan (small side dishes) were okay…I particularly liked the bean curd. Towards the end, we were given these small bowls of complimentary icy strawberry desserts.

Great place for lunch if you are in the area but definitely not a place worth trekking to unless you are meeting up with a friend. 🙂

49 W 32nd St
(between 5th Ave & Broadway)
New York, NY 10001
(212) 967-0909

Brought some Paris Baguette Bakery goods back home to eat. I bought the savory items instead of the sweet items because in my opinion they taste much better. I bought the pizza on a sweet roll and the bun with various vegetables and meat inside.

The pizza was good with an interesting soft sweet bread crust; usually used for sweet desserts. It had a interesting taste which was very welcoming.

The bun with vegetables and meat is an all time favorite of mine. No matter where I get this, I am very satisfied. It is almost like a dumpling but with a very bready outercrust. Try it someday, if you have not already!

This bag of veggie chips by Sensible Portions is a delectable and healthy snack for both kids and adults. These veggie chips are made of spinach, potatoes, and tomatoes. My little brother loves these chips! It’s also a good way for him to get some veggies in his system. It’s cholesterol free with no trans fat and it is also non GMO (genetically modified)!

We’ve been meaning to try out Thai food at Sea Thai Restaurant, located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We decided to head there for dinner yesterday and we arrived at around 9pm. We didn’t make reservations so we ended up waiting for an hour; which was fine because we weren’t starving.

After an hour we finally made it inside. It was extremely crowded because there was also a bar located next to the entrance. The ambiance was nice and it looked very modern inside. John and I came in at a time when the DJs started blasting the music extremely loud. It is probably different during the daytime since we went on a Saturday night. It was so loud that it was extremely hard to converse at the table. Some people would probably find it obnoxious so beware.

John started off with a huge glass of Brooklyn lager. The menu had a lot of choices and the prices were also reasonable for the amount of food we received (around $10). John decided to get the Patpong green curry with beef and I decided to get the lemongrass chicken with mixed vegetables and chili sauce. Both dishes came with some white rice on the side. Both of our dishes came out pretty quickly and the service was good.

Overall, the food tasted delicious but it was nothing to brag about. John’s curry dish came out pretty tasty and flavorful. My lemongrass chicken with mixed vegetables tasted healthy. The chicken was juicy and tender and the meat came right off the  bone. The chili sauce was placed separately in a small bowl and if you pour it over everything, it gives it a kick. We would definitely come here again if we are craving for inexpensive Thai food.

114 N 6th St
(between Wythe Ave & Berry St)
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 384-8850

Chinese kale, also known as Chinese broccoli, is enriched in vitamins A, C, K and other nutrients. I had this for dinner tonight and it is my favorite Chinese vegetable. If you’ve never eaten this before, it tastes like broccoli but somewhat bitter. The leaves are sweet if you put just the right amount of sauce. This dish was stirfried with shrimp and various sauces and seasonings.

This fruit, called the bitter melon, is too bitter for my taste. I definitely think it is an acquired taste. Tastes mushy and bitter! This dish was cooked with spareribs and black eyed peas. It can also be cooked in soups.



Another delicious home cooked meal which consisted of roast pork, mixed vegetables, baked red potatoes with cheese, and of course a side of white rice. Yum!

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