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McDonald’s infamous McRib is back and I couldn’t resist the urge to purchase one this weekend. These sandwiches were first sold in the 1980’s and disappeared for a while and now they’re back only for a limited time until December 5th (my birthday :)) and who knows when it will come back.

Yes, this boneless slab of pork slathered in sweet barbecue sauce must be extremely bad for you but it’s quite delicious. I just wish it was a little cheaper (it costs $2.99 plus tax in my neighborhood). I think two of them would fill me up but that would be a sin.

I could happily say that I ate DiNic’s Roast Pork Sandwich. It took forever for the food to get into my hands and into my stomach, but, I could say that it was worth it. I ordered my sandwich with sharp provolone cheese and roasted peppers. The roasted peppers gave it a very nice heat factor.

The sandwich is basically meat on a roll. The meat is very nicely cooked with a lot of juices running rampant once you take the first bite. The provolone cheese kept the sandwich together and the roasted peppers gave it a nice kick.

You do not need me to tell you to go try it.

1136 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Being so close to New York City and visiting quite often, I was surprised that I still have not gone to Katz’s Deli. You hear about it non-stop on the Travel Channel and the Food Network and everyone clamors for the pastrami on rye. I was fortunate enough to be around the area and decided to try their famous deli creations.

Right when you walk in, theres a cluster of people everywhere with no clear definition on where the line starts and where the line ends. After a few trial and errors on trying to order something, we finally got our sandwich which was priced ridiculously at $15 for 1 sandwich.

Even though it was expensive, I forgot all about the price when I took a bite out of the sandwich. The pastrami was seriously melt in your mouth delicious, no exaggerations.  I ordered the sandwich with mayo, tomatoes, and swiss cheese.

Overpriced but I feel that it is safe to say the best pastrami on rye I have ever ate.

P.S. warning: tourist trap, aka, camera flashes going off everywhere!

205 East Houston St
New York, NY 10002

After a concert in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, we both got hungry that we decided to go to Oasis at 3 in the morning. There were pizza shops everywhere but this restaurant caught our eye. The service was rude but what do you expect from a busy place like this one.

John ordered the shish taouk which was grilled marinated chicken. It consisted of chicken in a pita with purple cabbage, onions, pickles, greek yogurt sauce, and a dash of hot sauce.

I ordered the falafel sandwich which had the same ingredients. The falafel sandwich costs only $3!

We were both satisfied by the end of the night. If you are ever in the area and are craving some good Greek food, check out Oasis. Definitely worth it after a night of drinking. 🙂

161 N 7th St
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 218-7607

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