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We had some awesome pasta and pizza at this wonderful takeout/restaurant called Franco’s Metro. All the food is made to order, especially the personal brick oven pizzas. We liked Franco’s Metro so much that we had it two weekends in a row. The 1st weekend we ordered the Margherita Pizza with the Spaghetti with Matrigiana sauce. The Matrigiana sauce was a basic tomato based sauce infused with onions. The 2nd weekend we ordered the Spinach Ricotta Pizza with the Pesto Linguine.

The pizza was incredibly good the crust bordering on crispy and chewy. The pasta was also good with the pesto being a little better than the tomato based sauce in my opinion. The meatballs were bready and very soft. This place is highly recommended.

1475 Bergen Blvd.
Fort Lee, NJ 07024


After craving for some Italian, my friend Gloria and I decided to go to Scottadito Osteria Toscana, which was located in Park Slope. It’s a very cozy Italian restaurant and perfect for dates! Service was quite attentive and the environment was very pleasant.

Gloria ordered the handmade spinach gnocci with sage and butter sauce and I ordered a dish of penne with plum tomatoes, zucchini, and eggplant. All the ingredients were organic and fresh. Along with our dishes, we also ordered a couple of glasses of rosé wine (totally forgot the name but it was awesome).

I would definitely come back again next time. Perhaps for their brunch special on weekends– unlimited mimosas, champagne, and coffee! Yum.

788A Union St
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 636-4800

If you ever happen to stroll around the long maze in Ikea, you should grab a bite of lunch while you’re there. It is delicious and cheap! I consider it to be cafeteria food suitable for kids and adults. My pasta marinara w/ Swedish meatballs & slice of garlic toast and a bowl of salad came out to around $5. I also had a slice of almond cake which was amazingly scrumptious. There are also a whole bunch of other options to choose from. There are free re-fills which is a plus. The salads are also fresh…I didn’t see any signs of wilting.

The restaurant at Ikea looks and feels exactly like a cafeteria. You wait in line, grab a tray, plate, & utensils, order your food, serve your own salad if you happen to order one, and cash out. Then after you’re done eating, you put your tray away. It definitely felt like middle school all over again.

1 Beard St
(between Halleck St & Otsego St)
Brooklyn, NY 11231

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