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We ate at a French restaurant that specializes in southern French cooking. The restaurant was a very tiny and yet cozy place and featured just 26 seats. Each seat is unlike any other seats in the restaurant which was a fun fact that I noticed while eating.

For the appetizer we ordered the Endives Aux Roquefort which was endives topped with blue cheese, walnuts, and mustard dressing. The combination of the savory and the sort of semi-sweet was very nice with the bitterness of the endives. Some of the endives were a bit too raw and bitter but overall, I thought it was pretty enjoyable.

For the entrees, I got the Duck Confit with raspberry reduction and Cindy ordered the Duck Thighs with glaze dressing on it. For me, the duck was very succulent and although the raspberry sauce was a bit too fruity on its own, mixed with the duck was very appetizing. Cindy’s dish was very tasty, a bit more tastier than mine. The duck was cooked perfectly and it was not too fatty either because duck can get very fatty and messy if cooked through another method. The Duck Confit came with a side of mashed sweet potatoes and asparagus spears while the Duck Thighs came with a side of mashed potatoes with sautéed spinach and mushrooms.

Very happy with my experience at 26 seats.

168 Avenue B
NYC, NY 10009


Being so close to New York City and visiting quite often, I was surprised that I still have not gone to Katz’s Deli. You hear about it non-stop on the Travel Channel and the Food Network and everyone clamors for the pastrami on rye. I was fortunate enough to be around the area and decided to try their famous deli creations.

Right when you walk in, theres a cluster of people everywhere with no clear definition on where the line starts and where the line ends. After a few trial and errors on trying to order something, we finally got our sandwich which was priced ridiculously at $15 for 1 sandwich.

Even though it was expensive, I forgot all about the price when I took a bite out of the sandwich. The pastrami was seriously melt in your mouth delicious, no exaggerations.  I ordered the sandwich with mayo, tomatoes, and swiss cheese.

Overpriced but I feel that it is safe to say the best pastrami on rye I have ever ate.

P.S. warning: tourist trap, aka, camera flashes going off everywhere!

205 East Houston St
New York, NY 10002

Decided to go to the Siren Music Festival at Coney Island and on the way there, I could not stop clamoring about how I am going to eat some Nathan’s hot dogs.  I haven’t had them in a very long time and could not wait to consume these traditional Coney Island hot dogs. The line to order food was ridiculous because of the music festival but the hot dogs were well worth the wait.

I ordered the onions and pepper hot dogs and the chili dogs.  Both came with sauerkraut and I smothered them with mustard.  Amazing and messy.

1310 Surf Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11224
(718) 946-2202

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