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This was a very interesting treat given to me from my sister’s friend. It is a specialty treat from a candy shop in Rome, N.Y. They are called Turkey Joints and each piece is shaped like an actual bone. The silver coating is made of sugar and the inside is filled with chocolate and Brazil nuts. Quite sweet, but tasty. ūüôā

My brother, who is only 8 years old, thinks he can cook. It all started when he and my parents went to Ikea and bought this cookbook geared towards making great meals for kids.

One day, he sneaked into the kitchen and I found him cutting apple slices/bread and microwaving Ferrer Rocher chocolate candies. I immediately grabbed the knife away from him and helped him cut the apples. Going with the flow, I followed his directions. He substituted a couple things from the original recipe.

And voila! This is his first creation…not too shabby…it’s just bread, fruit, and chocolate candy mixed together.

Then the next day, my parents were gone for the day and I was alone with my brother in the house. All of a sudden, I heard a racket in the kitchen. My brother was there once again! This time, he already peeled a potato by himself and started mashing it (after microwaving it). He added some butter and it tasted fine…at least it wasn’t raw.

Hours later, he was in the kitchen again. He had already made perfect tomato slices and put them on top of four slices of hamburger buns with ketchup and¬†mozzarella¬†cheese. My mother went into the kitchen and added diced spam and green bell peppers. This was the best yet! (By the way, he loves fake tattoos as you can see in the picture below). I loved how he chirped, “This is for dinner!”

Thank you brother for making my day with your unexpected surprises! (He was thrilled when I told him I was going to put his creations on my blog).

A nice tasty treat was the last thing I got from Reading Terminal Market. Although I was not able to get it straight out of the oven, it was still delicious and tasted very homemade. The chocolate and peanut butter was very chunky and thick and tasted very good with the saltiness of the pretzels.

12th & Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Cindy And I were on a rampage at Reading Terminal Market trying to eat and try as much food as possible. We decided to try the Strawberry Nutella Crepe from Profi’s Creperie.

The strawberries could have been a little bit more riper but how could you go wrong on desert when nutella is involved. Spread nutella on a piece of cardboard and I will eat it!

51 N 12th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

If you happen to stop by the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia, you should definitely stop by L.D. Bassetts Ice Cream store. I decided to try their newest addition, The WHYY Experience, which consisted of rich creamy vanilla ice cream, chocolate covered pretzels, and is swirled with smooth butterscotch. It is to die for! It was around $5 but I thought it was worth every penny because of the rich quality. A small donation was also made out to WHYY TV.

WHYY TV teamed up with Bassetts to find the next new flavor and out of the five finalists, Sean O-Halloran of Oreland, PA, was chosen out of thousands of votes for his delectable new themed ice cream flavor. The sweet and salty go very well together. I would definitely go back and try their other flavors.

45 N 12th St
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 925-4315

After hearing good things about Magnolia Bakery, which is supposedly known for their cupcakes and other¬†confectionery¬†treats, John and I decided to stop by while we had much time to kill before our movie date. This bakery has four locations throughout Manhattan and one that is opening in LA. We weren’t surprised to see a line waiting outside to get into this tiny bakery. Most of them were obviously tourists who couldn’t wait to get their hands on what some people might say is the best cupcake you can get in NYC.

After a couple of minutes, we finally entered the shop which had no tables or chairs whatsoever. Customers had to think quickly on what they wanted and then head out and eat elsewhere. I was dumbfounded to find just a few flavors for the cupcakes which were on display: chocolate, vanilla, and coconut. We decided to pick chocolate and vanilla. They are a bit expensive (about $3 for one regular sized cupcake).

After sinking our teeth into the cupcakes, we thought they were delicious but we weren’t sure if these are the best cupcakes around for we haven’t really explored much. In conclusion, we thought these treats were a wonderful but an expensive snack. The frosting was sweet but not too sweet. The chocolate frosting reminded us of chocolate soft serve ice cream. The cake itself was very fluffy. We didn’t complain because we knew that these were better than what we would make at home. We were just disappointed in the lack of choices.

1240 6th Ave.
New York, NY 10020
(212) 767-1123

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