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As you can recall from John’s entry on the pizza bun he bought from Paris Baguette Bakery, it seems worthy enough to purchase: there is enough sauce, cheese, and even has a garnish.

These pizza buns are also available in Chinese bakeries and now I am starting to think about how they skimp on almost everything! You can barely taste the sauce and didn’t even seem like a pizza to me. It’s cheaper than Korean bakeries but I guess you get what you pay for!

I had this raisin bun for breakfast today. It costs only $0.80 from a Chinese bakery. The dough is very soft and sweet with a slight lemon filling. It is a good snack if you are ever on the go!

I had this delicious raisin toast with butter for breakfast this morning along with a cup of milk. You can find this loaf of bread in Chinese bakeries for $2!

Yummy-licious pork/vegetable bun from a Chinese bakery. 🙂

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