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Brought some Paris Baguette Bakery goods back home to eat. I bought the savory items instead of the sweet items because in my opinion they taste much better. I bought the pizza on a sweet roll and the bun with various vegetables and meat inside.

The pizza was good with an interesting soft sweet bread crust; usually used for sweet desserts. It had a interesting taste which was very welcoming.

The bun with vegetables and meat is an all time favorite of mine. No matter where I get this, I am very satisfied. It is almost like a dumpling but with a very bready outercrust. Try it someday, if you have not already!

I had these rice cakes my mom bought from the Korean supermarket. Various rice cakes all made from different whole ingredients such as rice, different green herbs, pumpkin, pine nuts, black sesame seeds, brown rice, peanuts, etc. I can not really go into specifics here because I do not know myself. Bear with me and enjoy these pictures.

My mom made me an awesome breakfast which consisted of Doenjang jjigae, chives and squash pancake, and a side of green tea rice.

The doenjang jjigae is a stew made from soybean paste with mushrooms, squash, leeks, and other various vegetables. It tastes very good and is soothing to eat. The chives and squash pancake is one of my favorites. I just dipped it in soy sauce and ate it with my rice. The green tea rice was the wow factor for me. It was the first time I ever had something like this.  The rice was tinted green and it tasted very much like green tea. It had a wholesome taste to it which was amazing.

My mother made strawberry pancakes with a side of eggs yesterday morning. We were supposed to make it together but I woke up a bit too late. She did not even use a recipe and it still turned out great.

I didn’t bother pouring syrup on because the strawberries that were absorbed in the flour happened to give it enough flavor.

I had this raisin bun for breakfast today. It costs only $0.80 from a Chinese bakery. The dough is very soft and sweet with a slight lemon filling. It is a good snack if you are ever on the go!

I had this delicious raisin toast with butter for breakfast this morning along with a cup of milk. You can find this loaf of bread in Chinese bakeries for $2!

Came into work this morning and found some bagels in the break room.  Someone already took half of a blueberry bagel so I took the other half.

I did not toast it neither did I put any butter or cream cheese on it.  I wish you guys were there because the smell of the bagel was wonderfully fragrant.  Right when I opened the plastic wrap that encased the bagel, the smell of blueberries permeated my office space. I did not feel that I needed to add anything on it. Enjoy the picture!

John and I had our first dim sum experience together yesterday morning at jing fong restaurant, located on 20 Elizabeth Street in Chinatown, New York. The escalator ride transported us to a huge banquet hall, also known as dim sum heaven. This was the first time that I went without my family and unfortunately I do not speak a word of Chinese (being the typical american born Chinese I am), so John and I ended up pointing to the carts of dim sum and ordered whatever that looked good to us. Yes, the service may not be up to par but we didn’t care. John got up from his seat and chased after some of the carts. We were still satisfied and full towards the end of our meal.

We ended up with 6 small dishes of: short ribs, vegetable dumplings (there is one missing in the photo because John was impatient), shrimp wrapped in soft noodle sheets and soy sauce, pork buns, shrimp dumplings, and egg tarts (not pictured above). Each dish was as authentic as it could get and very delicious! There are lots more dishes to try out but unfortunately our tummies was packed with capacity. If you are ever in the area and are feening for dim sum, I suggest you check it out. 🙂

20 Elizabeth Street
New York, NY 10013-4802
(212) 964-5256

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