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My brother, who is only 8 years old, thinks he can cook. It all started when he and my parents went to Ikea and bought this cookbook geared towards making great meals for kids.

One day, he sneaked into the kitchen and I found him cutting apple slices/bread and microwaving Ferrer Rocher chocolate candies. I immediately grabbed the knife away from him and helped him cut the apples. Going with the flow, I followed his directions. He substituted a couple things from the original recipe.

And voila! This is his first creation…not too shabby…it’s just bread, fruit, and chocolate candy mixed together.

Then the next day, my parents were gone for the day and I was alone with my brother in the house. All of a sudden, I heard a racket in the kitchen. My brother was there once again! This time, he already peeled a potato by himself and started mashing it (after microwaving it). He added some butter and it tasted fine…at least it wasn’t raw.

Hours later, he was in the kitchen again. He had already made perfect tomato slices and put them on top of four slices of hamburger buns with ketchup and mozzarella cheese. My mother went into the kitchen and added diced spam and green bell peppers. This was the best yet! (By the way, he loves fake tattoos as you can see in the picture below). I loved how he chirped, “This is for dinner!”

Thank you brother for making my day with your unexpected surprises! (He was thrilled when I told him I was going to put his creations on my blog).

It is one of my favorite Naked Juice flavors. Made from strawberries and blueberries, it is very heart and makes you full afterwards. Highly recommended.

Prior to watching the film Inception, John and I decided to grab something cool to drink at Cosi Cosi, a sandwich bar located in Union Square. I ordered the blueberry pomegranate smoothie while John decided to get the blended frozen Arctic Latte. We both thought it was delicious. John said he couldn’t tell the difference between his drink and the one at Dunkin Donuts. Our drink costs about $4 each (size tall).

What we disliked about Cosi Cosi was the service. Patrons weren’t allowed to sit at the small tables unless they were planning on having table service. We got kicked out of the table and were forced to sit somewhere else. The layout of the whole entire restaurant was confusing. We also assumed it was like Starbucks where we could sit wherever we wanted.

We decided to sit outside on their tables/chairs in the heat and humidity. Luckily we were done drinking when this random drunk guy decided to puke on the ground in front of Max Brenner, which was a few feet away from us. It was quite horrendous, especially when the putrid air started to head towards our direction. We immediately left the scene and into the movie theatre.

841 Broadway
(between 13th St & 14th St)
New York, NY 10003
(212) 614-8544

I am currently trying to get my fair share of fruits and vegetables in my system. My favorite summer fruits are strawberries and blueberries. What are yours? 🙂

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