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We originally went to the Brooklyn bowl to attend the third day of the Pitchfork Offline Festival. We got really hungry and ended up eating at the place which featured some great eats. I ordered the fried catfish with corn tartar on ciabatta. The catfish was fried really well having a very crunchy exterior which complimented well with the hard texture of the ciabatta bread.

Cindy had the bbq beef with slo-roast brisket, pickles, and sweet-n-spicy gravy. The sweet and spicy gravy gave it a unique flavor which was also very good. We finished the food off with some tasty pale ales on draught.

61 Wythe Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Went to this awesome Japanese restaurant which had a BYOB policy. Before we headed there, we went to a convenience store and stocked up on some beers (Magic Hat summer ale and Hoegaarden) and went to go eat!

We ordered the Tempura Platter which had eggplants, broccoli, potatoes, and sweet potatoes. It had a special soy sauce based dipping sauce which was kind of flavorless and a little bit too watery for my taste. I made my own soy sauce wasabi concoction to better compliment the dish.

The rolls we ordered, which were the california rolls and the cucumber eel rolls were nothing to complain about. Came on a very nice dish and tasted very fresh.

The highlight of the meal was definitely the outdoor setting in which we ate. It resembled a cozy backyard which felt very homey and intimate. The BYOB policy was definitely a huge plus to the overall factor of the experience. Hoppy beers go really well with sushi. Try it next time!

P.S. The color of the Magic Hat Summer Ale is gorgeous.

205 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Amazing. Although I throw that word around a lot on this blog, I wholeheartedly had wonderful time here. The food was great and the beers, exceptional.

Iron Hill Brewery is a brewery first and a restaurant second. All the beers are brewed in house and you could tell from drinking the beers. When asked for our drinks, I immediately ordered the 8 beer sampler which included all the house beers and 2 seasonal beers. The house beers were the Iron Hill Light Lager, Vienna Red Lager, Ironbound Ale, Abbey Dubbel, Pig Iron Porter, and the Raspberry Wheat. The seasonal beers I selected were Hefeweizen and the India Black Ale. The colors, aromas, and taste of the beer were all exceptional and had a great time drinking and trying all the different kinds.

Although they have a huge selection of food, we came a bit late so the menu changed after 10 PM. We had to select from the late night menu which consisted of upscale bar food, which we were okay with. Our appetizer was the buttermilk fried calamari which was very crispy and worked very well with lime zest dipping sauce.

Cindy had the Mediterranean Wrap which consisted of cucumbers, hummus, roasted red peppers, tomato, arugula, feta, and balsamic syrup in a spinach wrap. Very tasty and the cool cucumbers pops in your mouth for a very nice contrast to the other textures.

Finally, the Exotic Mushroom Pizza was hearth baked with truffle oil, sun-dried tomatoes, asiago, and mozzarella cheese. Very cheesy and earthy from the truffles on the pizza. Was hesitant in ordering a vegetarian pizza but was completely satisfied with my decision after the first bite.

If not for the food, please go for the beers!

124 East Kings Highway
Maple Shade, NJ 08052

I want to start this post off by saying that this place was pretty delicious. Ahgujjim is steamed fish in a spicy mixture with vegetables. The fish was very delicate and moist. The Galbijjim is steamed beef ribs which melted in my mouth in all of its fatty glory. (Jjim is put at the end of food names to indicate that it was steamed). the Bibimbop (mixed vegetables with rice) complimented the other dishes very well.

I washed it all down with a couple of glasses of Hite beer (very watery and sub par) and some Chumchurum Soju (which is alcohol from barley, sweet potatoes, rice, etc.) which is always a plus. After the meal was complete, we were given some sort of shaved pumpkin ice which tasted extremely weird. Very bad way to end a wonderful meal.

321 Broad Avenue
Ridgefield, NJ 07657

We’ve been meaning to try out Thai food at Sea Thai Restaurant, located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We decided to head there for dinner yesterday and we arrived at around 9pm. We didn’t make reservations so we ended up waiting for an hour; which was fine because we weren’t starving.

After an hour we finally made it inside. It was extremely crowded because there was also a bar located next to the entrance. The ambiance was nice and it looked very modern inside. John and I came in at a time when the DJs started blasting the music extremely loud. It is probably different during the daytime since we went on a Saturday night. It was so loud that it was extremely hard to converse at the table. Some people would probably find it obnoxious so beware.

John started off with a huge glass of Brooklyn lager. The menu had a lot of choices and the prices were also reasonable for the amount of food we received (around $10). John decided to get the Patpong green curry with beef and I decided to get the lemongrass chicken with mixed vegetables and chili sauce. Both dishes came with some white rice on the side. Both of our dishes came out pretty quickly and the service was good.

Overall, the food tasted delicious but it was nothing to brag about. John’s curry dish came out pretty tasty and flavorful. My lemongrass chicken with mixed vegetables tasted healthy. The chicken was juicy and tender and the meat came right off the  bone. The chili sauce was placed separately in a small bowl and if you pour it over everything, it gives it a kick. We would definitely come here again if we are craving for inexpensive Thai food.

114 N 6th St
(between Wythe Ave & Berry St)
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 384-8850

My girl suggested we go to eat some good authentic Japanese Ramen at the East Village in New York City.  By chance, that day was also one of the hottest days of the summer so far.  Right when we entered the tiny boutique ramen restaurant, we were blasted with hot air coming from the kitchen which was basically on top of the patrons who were eating there.

The small place did not seem to have an air conditioning unit but we decided to stay and eat some ramen since the journey to get here was a long one.  My girl ordered the Shoyu ramen which was soy sauce based pork broth ramen and I ordered the basic pork broth ramen which was garlic based, both with thick noodles.  I also ordered a Sapporo to cool down while we were waiting for the food.

The first thing I noticed taking my first bite was how well the noodles were cooked. They were cooked to perfection being al dente of course.  My broth was incredibly garlicky which I did not expect and my girl’s broth was sort of salty (maybe because of the soy sauce?). Both dishes came with a sheet of nori (toasted seaweed), mushrooms, fatty pieces of pork, and various vegetables.  Overall I was pleasantly surprised and would eat there again but this time order a more neutral flavored broth.

P.S. This place needs air conditioning ASAP!

536 E 5th St
New York, New York


On a Friday night at Glasslands gallery with my most favorite person. My first drink of the day would be a Pabst Blue Ribbon. So nice and smooth. Definitely try it out if haven’t already.

I met some of my closest buddies that I haven’t seen in months at a New York City bar called Jack’s Restaurant & Bar for happy hour.  It was a cozy place and a welcome escape from the heat outside.  We ordered some drinks and naturally, me and my girlfriend got hungry so we decided to order some bar food (called tapas).

The menu had a wide variety of bar food, from all American choices (wings, fries, etc.) to Asian inspired treats. The prices ranged from $9 to $11, which was not bad considering the area we were in. We ordered three “tapas” and they all came on one huge plate.  The top most dish going clockwise is the chipotle chicken wings with blue cheese dipping sauce, blue cornmeal fried calamari with spicy sweet dipping sauce, and the lamb curry & mint empanadas with chipotle aioli dipping sauce.

The meal was great, with the exception of the incredibly dry chicken wings. The crowd favorite was definitely the blue cornmeal calamari which was complimented very well with the sweet and spicy dipping sauce. Washing my food down with a cold bottle of Bud Light  did nothing but make the experience much better. If you are ever in the area, check out Jack’s Restaurant & Bar, but make sure you don’t get the wings.

147 W 40th street
New York, NY 10018
(212) 869-8300

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