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John and I happened to be in the East Village and stumbled upon what I have been craving for all week: tacos! We ordered tacos from the Snack Dragon Taco Shack. It was a bit pricey for one taco (carne asada was $5 while fish taco was $4) but they give you lots of ingredients. Plus, it was pretty fresh and made in front of you.

Our tacos were also served in blue corn tortillas which I thought was pretty neat. It has more protein and less starch than the white corn tortillas. However, it was kind of dry. 😦 We had trouble eating our tacos so we had to use forks and treat it like a taco salad! I tried eating it with my hands but the weak tortilla ripped and all of the ingredients fell out onto my plate. You can’t really eat it on the go but luckily there were stools and chairs inside and outside of the shack.

The strips of steak were very juicy and tender and was topped with lots of cheese and black beans. ¡Magnífico! Despite the great amount of ingredients in one taco, it still didn’t make me full. Pretty tasty but pricey!

199 E 3rd St
New York, NY 10002

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