While strolling around Koreatown in Midtown Manhattan, I was craving for some Korean bbq. Most of the Korean bbq restaurants are located in Queens, New York but that happens to be extremely far away for me. John and I happened to stumble upon a hidden gem called Mandangsui on W. 35th st. which was a couple of blocks away from K-Town.

This place seems to be extremely popular and packed that customers were waiting outside. People tend to come in big groups for Korean barbeque but they do take reservations. However, we got a table right when we arrived. Throughout our whole meal, the staff was very attentive and welcoming which is a definite plus. The usual side dishes of banchan came out quickly, which varies from fermented cabbage (kimchi), wakame seaweed, and other small dishes including a small pot of Korean steamed egg casserole (gyeran jjim). This egg dish is also popular in Chinese cuisine while I was growing up.

We decided to go for two servings of their Yang-Ngyum Galbi (fresh butterflied & Korean style marinated short ribs). It’s a bit pricey (like most Korean bbqs are) but the meat was tender, a little fatty, and of good quality! I couldn’t have asked for better. Our waitress was very alert to the beef that was marinating on our built-in grill in our table and helped us cut it. After it was done grilling, we wrapped our beef in these fresh lettuce leaves and added some spicy paste (ssamjang), and spicy spring onions (pajori). We also ordered a bowl of Korean stew (sundubu jjigae), which we thought was okay. We will definitely come back for more if we are ever in the area and order some soju to complement our meal. Of course our clothes reeked of bbq smell when we left but we were satisfied with our dinner.

35 W. 35th St.
New York, NY 10009
(212) 564-9333