After hearing good things about Magnolia Bakery, which is supposedly known for their cupcakes and other confectionery treats, John and I decided to stop by while we had much time to kill before our movie date. This bakery has four locations throughout Manhattan and one that is opening in LA. We weren’t surprised to see a line waiting outside to get into this tiny bakery. Most of them were obviously tourists who couldn’t wait to get their hands on what some people might say is the best cupcake you can get in NYC.

After a couple of minutes, we finally entered the shop which had no tables or chairs whatsoever. Customers had to think quickly on what they wanted and then head out and eat elsewhere. I was dumbfounded to find just a few flavors for the cupcakes which were on display: chocolate, vanilla, and coconut. We decided to pick chocolate and vanilla. They are a bit expensive (about $3 for one regular sized cupcake).

After sinking our teeth into the cupcakes, we thought they were delicious but we weren’t sure if these are the best cupcakes around for we haven’t really explored much. In conclusion, we thought these treats were a wonderful but an expensive snack. The frosting was sweet but not too sweet. The chocolate frosting reminded us of chocolate soft serve ice cream. The cake itself was very fluffy. We didn’t complain because we knew that these were better than what we would make at home. We were just disappointed in the lack of choices.

1240 6th Ave.
New York, NY 10020
(212) 767-1123