Being so close to New York City and visiting quite often, I was surprised that I still have not gone to Katz’s Deli. You hear about it non-stop on the Travel Channel and the Food Network and everyone clamors for the pastrami on rye. I was fortunate enough to be around the area and decided to try their famous deli creations.

Right when you walk in, theres a cluster of people everywhere with no clear definition on where the line starts and where the line ends. After a few trial and errors on trying to order something, we finally got our sandwich which was priced ridiculously at $15 for 1 sandwich.

Even though it was expensive, I forgot all about the price when I took a bite out of the sandwich. The pastrami was seriously melt in your mouth delicious, no exaggerations.  I ordered the sandwich with mayo, tomatoes, and swiss cheese.

Overpriced but I feel that it is safe to say the best pastrami on rye I have ever ate.

P.S. warning: tourist trap, aka, camera flashes going off everywhere!

205 East Houston St
New York, NY 10002