My boss decided to treat me out to lunch because of “bok nal”, which translates into the hottest days of summer. Traditionally in Korea, people would eat foods that would heat up the body which in turn would get rid of all the toxins in the body. My boss took me to Bang Ga Ne Restaurant and ordered me a boiling broth of sam gye tang.

Sam gye tang is a whole young chicken stuffed with glutinous rice boiled in a broth of Korean ginseng, dried seeded jujube fruits, garlic, ginger, wolfberry, various medicinal herbs.  The broth tastes amazing and after you picked the chicken clean, you would dump some more rice in the broth and finish it up.

This dish is very tasty and also very good for you. I was seriously sweating up a storm and my body felt hot all throughout the day.

1355 16th St
Fort Lee, NJ 07024